Moraya Industries , Promising leading heavy duty Industrial job processing company headquartered in Bhosari-Maharashtra- India. And we have extended our manufacturing facility by setting up second unit at Markal near Pune.

In India, business opportunities are rapidly expanding in tandem with new economic policies promoting deregulation, an open economy and FTAs. Industrial growth is active across a wide spectrum, from large-scale systems and equipments for Power Plants and Chemical Plants to industrial products such as Air-Conditioning Systems, Printing Presses, Industrial Machinery and Machine Tools. In response to these dynamic changes, , Moraya Industries, has been incorporated to accommodate the requirements of  processing for heavy engineering works with state of art technology to meet  the customer requirements for both quality and timely delivery.

Moraya Industries specializes in the manufacturing heavey duty of high quality precision-machined parts. We continue to grow exponentially in this sphere; courtesy our high level of comprehending client and customer requirements and new demands in an ever changing manufacturing world.

We achieve precision machining on  machines to a high degree of perfection.

Why we.....?
We have a strong technical team to delight customers on the principle of Do Right At First Time.
We have a culture of getting appreciated for our efforts to develop and deliver the critical components like Turbine Casings, Pump Housing for Nuclear reactors at first time without single deviation


We are the way you need to go. Please check us out

We have proved our strength in specialized field of the industrial products by offering , Turbine Casing, Pump Housing for Nuclear Reactors, Turbine Shafts,  Rotor Shafts, industrial shafts, industrial pipes and flanges . We have developed an inherent culture of DOING THE JOB RIGHT AT FIRST TIME. 

Being operative in this field for more than 6 years now, we have carved a niche by ensuring that we always up-grade our range of process in terms of competent technology . Customization provision is also offered to our valued clients and for the benefit of our valued clients


In today's competitive marketplace the customer must focus on their core businesses and therefore they are opting for fixed cost, tight time scales and optimum performance with their procurement schedules.

In the fast moving world where systems and practices are changing very rapidly, Refteck is able to service all your procurement needs in all major engineering disciplines, including mechanical, electrical and process control/automation, playing a critical role in the core sectors of Industry and infrastructure areas.

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